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To Love A Poet - LaTesha Monique

To love a poet

Respect the garden where her thoughts are fed.

Dive into her mind

To find things unsaid

Don't dim her

There’s a fire her pen ignites

A burning flame

That flickers in her eyes when her passion writes.

Her words may dance on paper

Embracing the melody her emotion brings.

Like a song

Her words carry a tune in the same way that a singer sings

Read not to critique

Read to feel the words in heart

Read to feel her rhythm

and where her words take part.

Read with your eyes

Feel with your heart

Listen with your ears

The beauty in a poets art

A poem written

Fueled by emotions, experiences and observations

A poem written

Should never be forsaken

For I am a poet

With every verse, each poem and each rhyme.

I pour a little of myself out

To stay in my passion and realign.

LaTesha M💋nique

© Latemoni 2024

This poem will be featured in “Latemoni: The Anthology” due to release later this year.

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Jun 20

.one the best poets I’ve ran across her work is really good and her words will touch you in ways you can’t imagine

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