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My Lifelong Affair with Poetry

Updated: May 5

I find solace and vitality in a timeless pursuit - poetry. From the innocent poems of childhood to the genres and variety of the verses I write today, my passion for weaving words has been an unwavering companion on the journey of life.

I feel like I discovered a fountain of youth that defies the ticking clock. Each poem becomes a brushstroke, painting a canvas of memories and emotions. Time stands still whenever I write poems in my journal. I get that same feeling I got as a child whenever I wrote poems in my book.

Poetry keeps my spirit forever curious and the imagination forever young.

I rediscover the wonders of existence. It's a journey back to the simplicity of childhood, where the world was a playground of endless possibilities. Through the lens of poetry, I navigate the complexities of life with the wonderment of a child and the wisdom of experience.

As seasons change, my pen remains a steadfast companion. The act of crafting verses transcends the boundaries of time, reminding me that passion is the fountain of eternal youth. So, here's to the verses that keep me young, to the poems that weave the fabric of my existence, and to the perpetual dance with words that is, and always will be, the elixir of my soul. ~ LaTesha Monique

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This generation's Maya Angelou in my eyes😎

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