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Updated: May 6

It's so easy loving you

The wind carries me like a breeze

I'll do whatever you want

As I fall weak in the knees

Do you understand

I wanna make sure you don't forget it

I was made for you

Hand crafted, custom fitted

Do you know what love is

Can you really describe it to me

Because I can't without showing you

Otherwise my words will mean nothing literally

Come unto me

As my body quakes opens up

Give yourself to me

As we interwine making love

Energies remixing in abyss

I feel you when you're gone

Our moments together beautiful

Lingering in my mind as we are one

You are unforgettable

Grabbing hold of my heart

You are my definition of love

It's so easy loving you despite the battles I've fought

© Latemoni 2018

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