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Growing Old - LaTesha Monique

Her beauty

Deep within against time withstands


The youth of yesterday within her hands

Wrinkles recreate her,

Lines etched across her face


Artistry that memories retrace

Her hair

Silver as a dime


She’s lived enough for three lifetimes

She moves with wisdom

Navigating at her own pace I’m sure

A mile in her shoes

Grounded in lessons learned that she endured

Graceful as can be

A woman growing old

A woman of strength, of beauty, of dignity.

Forever graceful, ageless soul

LaTesha M💋nique

© Latemoni 2024

This poem will be featured in “Latemoni: The Anthology” due to release later this year.

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18 มิ.ย.
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This poem is appreciation for growing older. Thank you for this I'm 63 and now i feel 33 hahahahaha

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