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Convertible - LaTesha Monique

Updated: Jun 8

Dancing in the ride as my hair whirls

In a car that's more than metal and pearls.

A convertible, breezing through the wind,

Her spirit free, drifting in a world of sin

Navigating the roads beneath the skies,

Switching lanes, ignoring the lines.

A body sleek, with curves made to withstand

Once in her seats you’ll be a forever fan.

Her top down to let in air,

Revealing her driver and passenger, as onlookers stare

With every mile, her horsepower thrives

Chasing horizons, made to survive

Her tires hum a song,

As her passenger princess sings along

Her heart, the engine, roars with might,

Her built such a beautiful sight

She’s more than steel, more than a ride,

She’s the essence of living on the wild side.

She’s the spirit of spring and summer loved by all

A convertible, no rest until winter and fall

LaTesha M💋nique

© Latemoni 2024

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