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A Homecoming of Poetry: LaTesha Monique's Return to Her Alma Mater VCHS formerly known as SVHS

LaTesha Monique, once a student of Southern Vance High School now known as Vance County High , had returned not just as an alumni but as a beacon of inspiration.

The occasion? A special invitation extended to her by Ms. S. Burwell to impart her wisdom and passion for poetry to the eager minds of today's youth for their first ever "Poetry Program" to celebrate National Poetry Month. As she stepped into the familiar surroundings of her former school, memories flooded back, but alongside them, a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The students gathered in the media center, their curiosity piqued by the anticipation of what was to come. LaTesha Monique, poised and confident, took the podium, ready to share her love for poetry and the profound messages it carried. She also exclaimed how nervous the 80+ students made her by stating " Her legs were shaking from being nervous" which broke the ice between her and the students.

With eloquence and grace, she spoke of the power of words to transcend boundaries and elaborate the human experience. She delved into the depths of Black love, weaving narratives of resilience, tenderness, and strength. Her poem, "Black in Love Again," became an original through which she celebrated the beauty of Black relationships, uplifting the Black man and honoring the bonds that unite couples within the community.

As she recited each line with passion and conviction, the students listened intently, hanging onto every word. They found themselves transported into a world where love knew no bounds and where poetry served as a mirror reflecting their own hopes and aspirations.

When LaTesha Monique concluded her performance, the media center erupted into applause. The students, moved by her words, yearned for more. And so, with a smile gracing her lips, LaTesha Monique granted their wish, offering an encore performance that filled the room with warmth and inspiration once more.

For LaTesha Monique, this moment was more than just a homecoming; it was a realization of a dream. To stand before the next generation, to ignite within them a passion for poetry, and to keep the flame of artistic expression alive—this was her purpose, her calling.

As she bid farewell to Vance County High School, LaTesha Monique left behind not just memories but a legacy of inspiration. For in her, the students found not only a notable alumni but a mentor, a guide, and a source of unwavering encouragement.

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