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Meet LaTesha Monique: A Poetic Soul

Born on July 8, 1989, LaTesha Monique stands as a luminary in the world of poetry, leaving an indelible mark with her words. Nationally recognized, she has carved a niche for herself through the art of expression, captivating hearts and minds alike.

An independent spirit, LaTesha has ventured into the realm of publishing with the release of four evocative books, 1 fiction and the other based on her poetry an insight. Her poetry resonates beyond the pages, creating ripples in communities far and wide. 

LaTesha Monique embraces the role of a devoted mother to two boys, intertwining the complexities of parenthood with the grace of her poetic craft. Her words not only paint the landscapes of emotion but also reflect the nuances of life's diverse experiences.

Before embarking on her blogging odyssey, LaTesha adorned the pages of The South Hill Enterprise Newspaper with her wisdom and insight under her former alias "Oshun The Poet".

She invites readers on an immersive journey into the heart of her poetry and the broader world of poetic expression. Offering profound insights, she navigates the landscapes of verse, sharing not only her creations but also fostering a deeper understanding of poetry as an art form.

Join LaTesha Monique on this poetic odyssey, where each verse is a vessel, sailing through the seas of emotion, experience, and the infinite realms of the human spirit.

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