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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome to Latemoni Emporium, where the eloquence of words meets artistic expression! 📜✨ Immerse yourself in the poetic world crafted by the future legend, Latesha Monique, under the wings of Latemoni Entertainment. From books to curated poetry-inspired products, discover a realm where creativity thrives #LatemoniEmporium #PoeticInspiration

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Explore the enchanting world of poetry-inspired products by LaTesha Monique! 🌟 Elevate your style with unique and expressive designs that capture the essence of poetic beauty. 📖 From apparel to accessories, discover the perfect blend of creativity and elegance. 🛍️ Dive into the c📣ollection and let the magic of words adorn your daily life. ✨ #PoetryInStyle #LateshaMonique #ShopNow

Mya Jeffreys returned home from Afghanistan seemingly obsessed with a past love affair until she meets Lamont Johnson who seems to be the remedy for her insanity. Her past torments her present as lies and betrayal are revealed. Mya refuses to back down, forcing her to make a decision that could possibly destroy her. What choice does she have when nobody else's love matters?

LaTesha Monique formerly known as Oshun The Poet embraces self improvement, an in Dreamme, she takes readers on an inspirational journey. Dreamme is a collection of inspirational poems, readings, an a few archives of Oshun The Poet's newspaper column "Be You To Full"

A combination of poems and prose inspired by the author's walk with God. This book also includes scripture affirmations as well as prayer prompts to build a healthier prayer life with God.

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